Our Alumni

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Accrue is a financial data analytics and machine intelligence company that builds deep learning technologies for event recognition. The company is developing an event-based alternative-data decision support platform that helps decision makers realise actionable intelligence and narratives from disparate data sets. Accrue has an estimated SGD$1.93 Million in revenue annually and was selected as one of the Top 7 New York FinTech firms by London Stock Exchange in 2016.

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Chorus Mobility

Chorus Mobility focuses on R&D of the Blockchain based peer-to-peer payments protocols and decentralised applications for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. The company aims to integrate blockchain technology to create a system for self-driving vehicles to safely communicate so that traffic can move more efficiently. Chorus was the winner of BMW-backed auto tech Blockchain competition, MOBI Challenge.



Digix is one of the first blockchain based smart asset company that helps digitise physical assets such as gold. Digix seeks to redeploy these processes to other traditional assets such as other precious metals, real estate, carbon certificates and more. The company has raised a total of SGD$6.8Million in funding over 2 rounds and was the first company globally to send a live transaction on the Ethereum Blockchain.

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Halo is a deep tech company in the data privacy space that aims to provide the convenience of cloud and security of private servers/database through their blockchain solution. Their solution provides an alternative to existing cloud storage platforms (Eg: Google Drive or Dropbox) to allow users to own and have control over their data. The company has achieved over 50 corporate customers with halo boxes deployed on the premise.

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Limestone Network

Limestone Network aims to provide end to end smart city solutions by integrating blockchain technology into physical real estate. Its latest project focuses on powering the technology layer on top of a 100 hectares smart city development in the heart of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It aims to build a smart and efficient city, through blockchain as the underlying infrastructure. 


Mighty Jaxx

Mighty Jaxx is a Singapore based award winning design studio specialising in developing art collectibles. Since their inception in 2012, Mighty Jaxx has worked with renowned artists worldwide, as well as international brands such as DC Comics, Cartoon Network, Walt Disney and more to produce over a thousand unique designs of art collectibles and deliver them to collectors all around the world. The company aims to integrate blockchain technology into its limited edition collectibles to increase transparency and authenticity of transactions.

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SgCarMart has been the largest new and used car marketplace in Singapore for the past 15 years, with an average of 2.6 million users each month. The company is aims to use blockchain technology to enhance transparency of car-related data to help users gain more value for their second hand cars. The company has 90+ employees and was acquired by Singapore Press Holdings for SGD$60.8 Million in 2013.

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TADA is the world’s first blockchain based ride-hailing application, powered by MVL (Mass Vehicle Ledger) Blockchain Technology. The company aims to help drivers to gain fairer incentives by recording and collecting key mobility data such as transactions and accidents in a single MVL ecosystem. TADA raised approximately SGD$22 Million for Ride Sharing in 2018 and gained more than 200,000 users and 27,000 drivers in Singapore within 6 months.

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TEMCO is a supply chain blockchain company that aims to enable small and medium enterprises to leverage on the blockchain to manage their supply chain. They utilise data received on blockchain based platforms such as their e-commerce platform GUHADA to join disconnecting supply chain processes and improve operational efficiency. TEMCO was the first Blockchain company invested by Korean Investment Partners, Korea’s Leading Venture Capital with AUM at SGD$3.44 Billion.

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WhatsHalal is the first Singapore SME to work on halal food tracking on Blockchain. It aims to develop a Halal ecosystem that will benefit stakeholders along the supply chain, locally and internationally, and help consumers reduce doubt of the “Halal-ness” of the food they consume, when information may not be available or easily sourced. The company is currently working with one of the largest Halal auditor, Indonesia-based Sucofindo to implement blockchain solutions in the Halal ecosystem for Southeast Asia.